2/22/17 Concealed carry..

Raymond, NH (February 22, 2017) Like it or not, today Governor Sununu signed into law Senate Bill 12, thereby allowing anyone who can legally own a gun, to conceal it. In essence, the new law removes the discretion of the issuing authority (namely Police Chiefs) to apply the “suitable person” standard when approving – denying applicants. For example in Raymond, about 393 permits were issued in 2016, and less than ten were denied under this standard.

While it’s not clear how future concealed carry permits will be issued under the new law for those still seeking one (out of state reciprocity requirements), we will be working to understand and move these forward.

For those permits currently in review or pending, we will be contacting you shortly when the process is complete, in the meantime under the new law; you may carry your gun concealed immediately if you legally own it.

For those wanting more information on our new law: RSA Text
Union Leader Article:  Union Leader Article
Federal Firearms Possession Prohibited