2/12/17 Winter Storm

Good evening,

As today’s winter storm blankets us with a fresh foot or more of snow, we offer the following information to keep you informed:

  1.  Mrs.Small has cancelled school for tomorrow (2/13/17).
  2.  Waste Management is keeping their trucks off the roads tomorrow.  This shifts the pickup schedule one day.
  3.  Craig Wheeler, Town Manager – has closed the Town Offices Monday 2/13/17.
  4.   Linda Hoelzel has closed the Library and will re-open Tuesday at 10:00 am.
  5.  Steve Brewer, Public Works Director & David Salois have declared a Snow Emergency until Wednesday (2/15/17) 8:00 am. to give public works crews an opportunity to snow cleared from the roadway’s and facilities.

Our Public Works Crew is a group of professional drivers and workers dedicated to keeping our roads safe and clear for you.  While they make our lives easier,  let’s help make their jobs a bit easier by not plowing snow across the roadways leaving trailings and snow bank bump outs.  These can damage expensive equipment and rattle our drivers not to mention it could give you an opportunity to meet one Raymond PD’s Officers as plowing across the road is illegal.

Drive Safe..


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