1/20/17 Police Bond

Last evening (1/19/17) the Raymond Budget Committee voted in favor or recommending the Proposed Police Station Bond Article 14.  In a 5-1 (abstention) to “recommend”, this article will be included in the town warrant.

To view the budget committees deliberation and discussion on article 14 last evening: https://raymondtv.viebit.com/player.php?hash=wPnLExmLHgnC

Article 14 – Bond Article – Police Department:

Shall the Town of Raymond vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Six Million Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars ($6,800,000) for the purpose of building a new Police Station for the Town of Raymond, and to authorize the issuance of not more than Six Million Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars ($6,800,000) of such sum to be raised through the issuance of bonds or notes under and in compliance with the Municipal Finance Act (RSA 33) and to authorize the Selectmen to apply for, obtain and accept federal, state or other aid, if any, which may be available for said purchase and to comply with all laws applicable to said project. Furthermore, to authorize the Selectmen to issue, negotiate, sell and deliver said bonds and notes and to determine the rate of interest thereon and the maturity and other terms thereof; and to authorize the Selectmen to take any other action or to pass any other vote relative thereto. (The repayment of principal and interest shall be a general obligation of the Town of Raymond and it is the Selectmen’s intent that the repayment of the principal and interest shall be funded through taxation). And further, to raise and appropriate an additional sum of Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000) for the bond issuance and bond counsel costs. 3/5 ballot vote required. Recommended by the Board of Selectmen.