Attorney Lonnie McCaffrey and Sgt. Spinney of the Raymond Police Department serve as the prosecutors in the District and Family Courts that serve our district. If you need to contact the Raymond Police Department’s
Prosecutor you may do so at the following:

 Attorney Lonnie McCaffrey

603-895-0913 / 895-4747

Safety Complex
#1 Scribner Road
Raymond, NH 03077

Information for Witnesses Subpoenaed to Court


The Raymond Police Department subpoenas virtually all civilian witnesses in criminal cases. This subpoena places you, the witness, under an obligation to appear on the date and time indicated for the hearing and to stay until the trial is completed or you are excused. Once sworn to testify, a witness has a duty to answer all questions truthfully. Failure to appear in answer to a subpoena may result in charges. To avoid any problems, scheduling conflicts should be reported to the Prosecutor’s Office at the earliest opportunity.


Dates and times of trials are set by the Clerk of Court’s office at the Candia District Court. Once the Clerk’s office sets a trial date, subpoenas are issued by the Raymond Police Department. We encourage you to appear at Court at least fifteen minutes prior to the start of trial. On arrival, report to the Clerk’s office and sign in. You should then meet with the Prosecutor to review any statements you have given to the police and have any questions answered.

There are times when a case does not proceed to trial at the time listed on the subpoena. The delay is often a result of an earlier scheduled trial taking more time than was anticipated. This is a matter over which the Police Department has no control. Generally, delays will not last too long without the Court making some accommodations.

At the time of trial, the State is required to have all its witnesses appear in order to prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. Although all the witnesses may appear at the time of trail and a Judge is prepared to hear the matter, the accused may plead guilty, bringing an abrupt end to the proceedings. A defendant need not give any advance warning of the intention to plead guilty. In such a case, the witnesses will be dismissed after the Judge accepts the guilty plea.

If the Police Department is aware of any change of pleas in advance of the trial, every effort will be made to inform you by phone that your appearance in Court is no longer necessary. It may appear to some witnesses that if they do not testify, they have wasted their time going to Court. However, many defendants would not plead guilty unless the witnesses were present to testify. Then, the witness will have played a vital role in the administration of justice simply by being present. Without your assistance, the crime might not have been solved, or if solved, the resulting charge might have been dismissed just because you were not present in Court ready to testify.


By state law, juvenile proceedings are not open to the public. Witnesses in juvenile cases are cautioned that it is a criminal offense to publish the names or addresses of juveniles in juvenile proceedings.


It is not uncommon for the Defense or Prosecution to request that the Judge make an order of sequestration for the witnesses. Sequestration means that witnesses may only be in the courtroom when they are testifying. Such motions are routinely granted by the Court so the testimony of one witness will not be influenced by that on another.


There are instances when a Raymond case may be referred to the Rockingham County Superior Court. This may occur when the court decides that the offense is a felony. In these instances, witnesses may have to testify in the Superior Court as well as before the Rockingham County Grand Jury. The County Attorney conducts the prosecution of all criminal cases in the Superior Court and coordinates the scheduling of all hearings.


Witnesses who are subpoenaed to appear in Court, be it District or Superior, are allowed a witness fee for each day or part of a day they are in attendance. The State also pays a mileage fee per mile, round trip, to the Courthouse. You must be excused by the Prosecutor before being eligible to collect the fee. Once excused, you will report to the Clerk of Courts’ office to complete all required paperwork. Any questions about fees or mileage should be addressed to:

10th Circuit – District Division – Candia
110 Raymond Rd.
Candia, NH 03034

Circuit Clerk : Robin Pinelle
Deputy clerk: Maureen Murphy
Phone : (603) 483-2789
Hours : Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm

Rockingham Superior Court
Rockingham County Courthouse
10 Route 125
Brentwood, NH

* Mailing Address is : P.O. Box 1258, Kingston, NH 03848-1258

Clerk : Raymond Taylor
Phone : (603) 642-5256
Hours : Monday, Thursday & Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm
Tuesdays & Wednesday, 8:00am to 12:00pm


The Raymond Police Department’s adult criminal cases are scheduled for arraignments and trails on Mondays. Juvenile hearings are scheduled for Tuesdays. Sometimes it is necessary to schedule cases at other times. Hearings vary in length from fifteen minutes to several hours. Superior Court Grand Jury and trials are scheduled throughout the week.

Many times citizens witness a crime and expect to be subpoenaed or are subpoenaed but their appearance is canceled. This may result from a negotiated plea of guilty being entered by the defendant, therefore, no trail takes place.

Expect a delay of four to eight weeks between the defendant’s plea of not guilty and the date scheduled for trial. Priority is given to those cases where the person is in jail. In these instances, the delay between arraignment and trial is usually three weeks. If you need further information, contact the Raymond Police Department Prosecutor at (603) 895-0913 and explain that you are a State’s witness in need of assistance.